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Scribbly Gum 2.jpg

Scribbly Gum II

On heavy, archival paper 60 x 82 cm, (image ~52 x 72.5cm). Limited Edition Print. Signed and numbered by the artist, edition limited to 75 prints.

There are several Scribbly Gum species. This one, Eucalyptus haemastoma, is common around Sydney and found as far north as Lake Macquarie on the NSW north coast. The forms and textures in the trunks and bark of these trees are infinitely fascinating, with creases and folds in the trunk giving the trees an almost human form at times. The scribbles are made by the caterpillars of a tiny, grey moth, Ogmograptis scribula, which is only about 1½ mm long (there is one of these moths in the painting). A host of other animals use these trees, for food and/or shelter, and some of these are included in the painting

In Stock

$485 (Including Postage in Australia)

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