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Waratah,Gibraltar Range.jpg

Leaf II

On canvas, 99 x 72 cm, after stretching 

Limited Edition Print. Signed and numbered by the artist, edition limited to 50 prints. Delivered rolled in a tube.

The Gibraltar Range Waratah, Telopea aspera is a listed threatened species found only in a small area within the Gibraltar Range National Park, about a two-hour drive north from Armidale, NSW. The leaves of this waratah turn various shades of red, orange or brown before dropping from the plant. “I felt a single leaf was worth painting on its own–I have never seen a painting of a waratah that didn’t include its flowers so it was interesting and rewarding doing something different.” The shape of the leaves in this waratah is a diagnostic character that distinguishes this species from the closely related Sydney waratah.

In Stock

$300 (Including Postage in Australia)

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