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Leaf 1.jpg

Leaf I

99 x 72 cm (when stretched) on canvas.

Limited Edition Print. Signed and numbered by the artist, edition limited to 50 prints. Delivered rolled in a tube.

The Okari Nut, Terminalia kaernbachii, is a large rainforest tree that grows in the low to mid-montane rainforests of Papua New Guinea. It produces bright purple fruit that contain a crisp, white, delicious nut about 6 to 8 cm long. It is grown on a small commercial scale. The leaves develop stunningly beautiful textures and colours before they drop from the tree.The leaves that inspired this painting were collected by the artist in a remote part of PNG whilst scrambling through very wet rainforest to see a spectacular waterfall – Wawoi Falls. The bright colours, varied and intricate textures and the beginning of decay seemed to capture the mood of this wild corner of the world

In Stock

$300 (Including Postage in Australia)

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