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Red Jade Vine on canvas_edited.jpg

Flame of the Forest

106 x 75 cm (when stretched) on canvas.

Limited Edition Print. Signed and numbered by the artist, edition limited to 50 prints.

(Delivered rolled in a tube)

The Flame of the Forest, Mucuna bennettii, is a large, climbing liana found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea. Mature plants can have stems as thick as a person’s thigh and the glowing, scarlet flowers can be seen – as its name suggests – from a great distance against the greens of the rainforest, usually hanging over a hundred feet up in the branches of the tallest trees.

Flame of the Forest is also known as D’Albertis’ Creeper, after the Italian explorer, Luigi D’Albertis, the first European explorer to venture far into the interior of Papua New Guinea, in the late 19th century (He found this plant beside the Fly River, not far from where I saw it myself at Wawoi Falls).

In Stock

$395 (Including Postage in Australia)

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